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Important Tips Traveling to Save Your Budget

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We know that travelling is the most important thing that can’t be separated from our life. By travelling, it can reduce our stress and depression. Everything can be easier when we’re travelling, so we know what things to prepare before start travelling. But it is different if you are a beginner, you probably never know what things to prepare before travelling time. So learn what things to prepare before travelling including your own health, medicine, meals and everything that is needed in this term. Below are some important tips traveling to consider when you desire pleasure on your way!


Whatever reason, health is rule number one. You can’t go anywhere if you and your family are sick. So keep your health as important as always, especially before travelling. Be sure that, 1 week before the departure, you must take care of your body health by consuming vitamin C for body immunity. Also don’t forget to consume vegetables, fruits and enough water.

Consider Budget

Another important tips traveling is budget. Budget actually is the second thing to consider after you chose the destination and spots you would like to visit. Make sure to visit the country or destination that fits to your budget. Make some list of your spending when you stay abroad. This including: food, drinks, shopping budget, hotels, public transport/accommodation, tickets for entering certain destinations and so on. Also, be sure to include extra fund to the list that probably will be used for unpredictable spending.

How To Save Budget

Then, the next important tips traveling is about the way for saving your budget. Don’t be silly by regard all price is similar to your country. You need to know about a local currency if you’re in foreign country. This often used to do each transaction that you can do when on the foreign country. It is also important for you to now little thing about the foreign country.

By knowing the local currency, you can do the best deal and there is no one make you look silly in the foreign country. In addition, if you have cash, you can exchange it to local bank to get the certain currency in local area. In addition, be sure that you buy everything in a store with a price tag shown, therefore it will reduce the opportunity for you for doing mistakes in bargaining or getting ripped off. When the items are displayed within the price tag, you can easily buy them without bargaining, except, if you are with a guide. You can hire them via online or through a local travel company.